Monday, February 4, 2013


Today we are going to show you the progress of our seeds. Some of them are already very well grown and some others are very small but this is because they are a different species and their germination time differs. We have to take the grown plant pots out of the water tray because they don't need that much water anymore, and we let the rest in the tray until they are fully grown. We can assure you that this is an exciting progress and we are having a lot of fun as we watch our plants grow. We will soon be building our mobile garden. We will be posting some of our sketches and progress soon.
Take a look at our little plants below! Don't forget to share your thoughts with us.


  1. Wow niñas!!! soy su fan!! está increíble, creo que tomaré indicaciones y estaré siguiendo su proyecto para construir mi jardinera... estoy muy orgullosa de ustedes e impresionada!! no tienen límites, sigan así!
    También como recomendación ayudaría mucho dar a conocer el lugar donde se puede conseguir el material.

  2. Estoy muy emocionada con este proyecto y las felicito por su compromiso y por el entusiasmo mostrado.Han iniciado de una manera excelente! las seguiré siempre!!

  3. Muchas gracias a las dos! Seguiremos alimentando el blog lo mejor posible.